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Since August 2013, I have been writing about, reporting on , analyzing and aggregating national politics stories for Digital First Media’s 75 newspapers across the nation as part of a journalism start-up known as Thunderdome. (Some of our biggest member papers are The Denver Post and The Salt Lake Tribune.)
As one of two people on the Washington, D.C., team, my stories aim to cut through the back-and-forth on Capitol Hill and tell readers what’s really going on and what they need to know, all in an engaging and multimedia-friendly format. I spend my days hopping from writing a quick, breaking-news blog post to reporting on an in-depth, complex subject, to learning new multimedia skills to enhance web stories.

Explaining national politics

The tea party has its first big loss of 2014
Why this Florida congressional race is one of the most expensive ever
Your guide to what’s real and what’s a political stunt in Congress
6 billionaires who are secretly shaping this fall’s elections
Do these ads show what the fall elections will be about?

Web-savvy packaging

My syndicated live blog on the shutdown, debt ceiling
Congress just held a 2-hour hearing on aliens, because Congress.
What is the real State of the Union? These 13 graphs show it.
The 4 restaurants where Congress raises millions.
How the NRA derailed Obama’s choice for surgeon general

In-depth policy reporting

One year later, has Sandy Hook changed America’s gun debate?
What Washington gets wrong about measuring poverty
4 unemployed Americans Congress is leaving behind
Despite setbacks, immigration activists remain hopeful for reform
Why is job discrimination the last piece of the gay rights puzzle?

Breaking news

5 ways Congress’ new budget affects you
6 things Obama can do from his State of the Union with the stroke of a pen
Democrats just dramatically limited the filibuster. Here’s what that means:
The guy who got things done in Congress is retiring. Here are his secrets: 

Foreign policy focus

Why did Hillary Clinton compare Putin to Hitler?
How gay rights has become a foreign policy issue
America’s newest foreign policy outreach comes in 140 characters
Where do potential GOP presidential nominees stand on foreign policy?
The 5 factions Congress falls into on Ukraine
Why an aid package for Ukraine is stuck in Congress

Business and economics

What Washington gets wrong about the deficit
5 things you need to know about the Federal Reserve
4 unemployed Americans Congress is leaving behind.
America’s most effective anti-poverty program is also one of its most overlooked.

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