Monocle Magazine


While living and reporting in Taiwan from 2010-2011, I also wrote analysis pieces for Monocle Magazine, a London-based magazine that focuses on current events, design and architecture. I also wrote three full pages of a Monocle special travel edition of Taiwan, focusing on the country’s southern portion. Here’s some of my clips:

More Chinese than the Chinese

Forecast 2011: Taiwan looks on the bright side

Radio work

Back stateside, I also regularly appear on Monocle Magazine’s 24-hour internet radio station, specifically global current affairs shows. I speak live to radio hosts in London about current events and cultural news happening in America. As the magazine’s Boston correspondent, this included my coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing. During that time, I often appeared live on several different Monocle radio shows several times a day to share the latest twists and turns. In Washington, D.C., I serve as a Monocle radio correspondent, where I’ve spoken about the government shutdown and presidential politics.

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