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My database reporting

As the web editor for The Daily Item newspaper in suburban Boston, I developed database reporting skills and multimedia tools to bring that data to life in interactive maps, graphs and charts. I’ve created multimedia for everything from violent crimes in a city, to sex offender regulations, to campaign finances for the Massachusetts 6th District … Continue reading

My radio coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings

BOSTON — Shortly after two pressure-cooker bombs ripped through the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, I was on the phone to London, speaking to Monocle Magazine’s internet radio station, Monocle 24, about the breaking news. For a month straight, I covered the bombings for two key shows, The Globalist Asia and The Globalist, as their Boston correspondent. … Continue reading

US sees renaissance in energy efficiency, led by Congress and big business

Progress Watch: For decades, the US has been transforming into a more energy efficient society. But fresh impetus has come in the wake of a 2007 law embracing tougher appliance and auto standards. The Christian Science Monitor By Amber Phillips (formerly Parcher) Published on November 30, 2011 BOSTON — A forklift driver zooms through a dark … Continue reading

Forecast 2011: Taiwan looks on the bright side: Monocle Magazine

By Amber Phillips (formerly Parcher) Published December 30, 2010 on TAIPEI —It’s been a rough 100 years for one of Asia’s pioneering democracies, but the Taiwanese are commemorating their centennial birthday with a “little-country-that-could” mindset. Growing up as an island in the shadow of two world superpowers hasn’t been easy. Taiwan is still licking its wounds … Continue reading

‘Model plane’ bomber, back in court, is ‘classic case’ of Al Qaeda recruit

Massachusetts resident Rezwan Ferdaus, charged with bomb attempts against US buildings via model plane, returns to court Friday. He fits the bill for a typical Al Qaeda recruit, terrorism experts say. The Christian Science Monitor By Amber Phillips (formerly Amber Parcher) Published on November 4, 2011 WORCESTER, MA — The stereotype of a disaffected youth … Continue reading