From Digital First Media to Las Vegas Sun

Today marks a new chapter in my career. After almost a year working in the two-person DC Bureau of Digital First Media, where I wrote about national politics for our company’s 75 newspapers, I will be joining the award-winning Las Vegas Sun as the paper’s Washington correspondent. Project Thunderdome, as the centralized news team at … Continue reading

My database reporting

As the web editor for The Daily Item newspaper in suburban Boston, I developed database reporting skills and multimedia tools to bring that data to life in interactive maps, graphs and charts. I’ve created multimedia for everything from violent crimes in a city, to sex offender regulations, to campaign finances for the Massachusetts 6th District … Continue reading

My radio coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings

BOSTON — Shortly after two pressure-cooker bombs ripped through the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, I was on the phone to London, speaking to Monocle Magazine’s internet radio station, Monocle 24, about the breaking news. For a month straight, I covered the bombings for two key shows, The Globalist Asia and The Globalist, as their Boston correspondent. … Continue reading

US sees renaissance in energy efficiency, led by Congress and big business

Progress Watch: For decades, the US has been transforming into a more energy efficient society. But fresh impetus has come in the wake of a 2007 law embracing tougher appliance and auto standards. The Christian Science Monitor By Amber Phillips (formerly Parcher) Published on November 30, 2011 BOSTON — A forklift driver zooms through a dark … Continue reading

Forecast 2011: Taiwan looks on the bright side: Monocle Magazine

By Amber Phillips (formerly Parcher) Published December 30, 2010 on TAIPEI —It’s been a rough 100 years for one of Asia’s pioneering democracies, but the Taiwanese are commemorating their centennial birthday with a “little-country-that-could” mindset. Growing up as an island in the shadow of two world superpowers hasn’t been easy. Taiwan is still licking its wounds … Continue reading